Build A Solar Oven For Efficient Cooking Outdoors And Emergencies

A solar oven can be a lifesaver during a blackout or other emergency — or it can be a low-maintenance alternative to other outdoor cooking methods. While you can make a solar oven using just a cardboard box and aluminium foil, this version is a little more durable and efficient.

Popular Mechanic's DIY Solar Oven uses plywood, rigid foam insulation a half-sheet of drywall, heavy-duty aluminium foil and a glass lid. As such, it's more of a weekend project than a last-minute emergency solar oven. What you'll get in return for your efforts, however, is a strong solar oven you can be proud of that should cook more than a few meals and last you through many emergencies. With a 7C outdoor temperature, the box should reach a 152C temperature — enough to bake six scones in about 35 minutes.

Who Needs a Grill? Build a Hot-Box Solar Oven [Popular Mechanics via Accidental Survivalist]


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