Build A Soft Focus Filter With A Sink Drainer

Using a soft focus filter makes for flattering portraits and dream-like effects, but that comes at a cost. But you can make your own using a sink filter.

Through a contest, DIY Photography learned of this fun project by photographer Nick Cool. He took a stainless steel small-hole sink filter and an inexpensive camera filter that fit his lens' thread size and created a unique soft focus filter on the cheap.

The project involved drilling a bunch of strategically-placed holes and fitting the sink filter into the lens ring. The filter resulted in photos with a soft look, almost reminiscent of a painting. If you want to take some unique images and have a couple of hours on your hands, check out the full details of the project over at DIY Photography.

How To Build A Soft Focus Filter From A Sink Drainer [DIY Photography]


    In the same way shoulder-pads and rip-stop nylon are flattering...?

    It's also Bokeh, rather than soft focus.

      Try again. Bokeh refers to the blur on out-of-focus detail. Soft focus refers to the blur induced by lens flaws.

        I think that only supports what I just said...

        Soft focus is also just another term for 'not focused properly'.

        But arguing about semantics is one of the most annoying things to do.

        He did a thing that made the background real purdy. Can we agree on that?

        It's not exactly bokeh but it's closer to that than soft focus.

    That focus isn't soft at all, it's actually a bit jarring. Detracts from the overall quality and look of the photo! Certainly not worth the DIY effort of fitting the thing in the filter. Sometimes screwing with a good thing can result in a not-so-good thing, even if it is DIY or creative/imaginative.

    I also agree with Jackson, we're looking at bokeh, and I think maybe Ferret replied before looking at the photos! Ahehe.

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