Buffer Videos For On-Plane Viewing

Fancy watching a video on your shiny new Surface tablet in flight? Blogger Matt Hnatojko notes that the Surface's multitasking makes it easy to buffer video for subsequent viewing on a plane.

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Hnatojko points out that this is particularly helpful at airports which offer free Wi-Fi:

Utilising the multitasking built into Windows 8, I was able to buffer a TED talk for later viewing on the plane, and doing this while browsing the web.

This isn't a Surface-exclusive trick; I've done the same thing myself with videos on my laptop. If your flight doesn't offer on-board entertainment and you haven't got anything ripped on your machine, it can be a useful tactic.

Surface tip: Airports [Jomablue]


    Hot Tub Time Machine.
    Is so funny watching on a flight and its a really a challenge to stop from laughing out loud.
    "Oh look a squirrel"

    The stock picture looks like a lady who waited so long for windows to buffer that all the planes left and customers and staff went home!

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