Briefly: Note II Australian Release, Street View

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including who has the Galaxy Note II on offer locally and Google Street View's new Sydney additions.

  • Vodafone has begun accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and says it will begin shipping the oversized Android phone from December 5. That puts it behind Optus, which already has the device on sale, but ahead of Telstra, which has delayed its release of the handset until 2013.
  • Google has expanded its Street View collections series with two new Australian locations: Taronga Zoo and Luna Park in Sydney. You can view them both via Google Maps


    Keen to see a review on this - I'm in the market for an upgrade to my 4S, and am trying my hardest to find an exit from the iOS ecosystem!

    Sick of iPhones, but can't find any other phone that pleases me 100% - this has potential!

      just bought my Note II today. Mate had it and it was a beaut! i'm moving from iPhone 4.

    I bought it for the missus. I was never a fan of the larger style phone such as this but geez this thing has changed my mind. The one thing that has really set it aside from others is the stylus. The battery life is insanely great too for such a big device the battery lasts all day well into the evening and doesnt need a charge until around 10pm at night and it still isnt completely dead by then it is just beeping letting ya know its getting low thats with heavy use. It is a fantastic device and Id thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for one. Im holding out for a new phone until after MWC next yr. If ya can find a store with a tester try it out see what u think I think its awesome!

    After getting my Note 2, two weeks ago I honestly couldn't go back to a small phone. One of the best phones I've ever used, in my opinion.

    I'd love to see stores start stocking cases and accessories though.

    Are there any stores in Sydney that have a Note 2 on display?

    I'd like to handle it before making a purchase decision.

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