Best Android Tablet Apps: Productivity

Android tablets can run any Android software, but they really shine with tablet-specific apps and programs that can take advantage of the bigger screen. All week, we're rounding up our favourite Android tablet apps. Today: productivity apps.

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CamScanner HD

Tablets make great scanners because of the larger screen size compared to phones. CamScanner scans and saves documents into PDF format, and includes handy auto-cropping and enhancement tools. The free version includes ads, places a watermark on your documents, and limits the size of documents; springing the $4.99 for the full release is much cheaper than buying a scanner.


Evernote's ability to sync, sort and categorise notes and make them easily sortable really shines in a tablet environment, with the interface optimised for the larger screen size. If you prefer a different approach to note and file tracking, Springpad and Dropbox are also good alternatives.)


Android's built-in app launching options are solid, but installing a dedicated launcher expands your choices. Both Go Launcher HD and Chameleon Launcher HD have their supporters; the former is free, while the latter is $9.84.

File Manager HD

This tablet-optimised file explorer makes it easy to move around photos, documents and other files stored on your tablet. The basic version is free, but you can pay to remove the on-screen ads.

TeamViewer For Remote Control

Remote control apps enable you to log into computer systems to access files or offer tech support. TeamViewer does a good job of converting the mouse-free tablet environment into something that works well on screen.

Which other Android tablet apps would you add to this list? Share your favourites in the comments.


    Solid explorer is also a gd app for tablet.

    Trello... not optimized for tablets yet but helpful anyway.

    Print is good as well by eurosmartz use it on my samsung

    Awesome list! I’ve been using Evernote since last year and it’s amazing, totally worth the business account. I think that’s the best software for storing data online. As a freelancer I also use Time Doctor to track my billable hours and productivity, it has some unique features that you can’t find from other time tracking software. This blog would certainly show you why most time and attendance software is flawed.

    I have Chameleon (good and improving), Solid Explorer (awesome on phone too) and Evernote (awesome too) on my Transformer Prime. Thanks for the tip on Teamviewer, was Samsung only for a while there IIRC. Other app suggestions for tablet users: Feedly and Mizuu.

    Just a note though, some of these have been built with layouts that only work on Tablets and that is fine, but some of these have tablet optimized layouts and the same apk will work on phones too (Solid Explorer, Feedly and Evernote are examples here)

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