Best Android Tablet Apps: Entertainment

Your tablet can do so much more than just tell you the weather and update your Facebook. It can also bring you the best video content the world has to offer. Here are the best entertainment tablet apps for your Android tablet.


MXPlayer is the number one pick of the Android media player litter. It's free, it's easy to use, it comes with a swathe of codecs and did we mention it's free? Bottom line: if MXPlayer won't play it, nothing will.


Apps are meant to make things easy, and PocketCasts is the most helpful podcast subscription and player app out there. Not only does it download all of your latest podcasts for you, it keeps the feeds refreshed, supports a sleep timer so you can doze off while listening, streams over 3G and Wi-Fi while supporting a whole lot of other features for die-hard podcasters.


Microsoft's latest second-screen experience app is hitting all the right buttons for entertainment fans. Now you can use your Android tablet to keep up with all the action on your Xbox 360 as it plays media and gaming content.


You want ebooks? Amazon's got 'em. Kindle is by-far the best way to buy, read, store and manage your ebook library. The books are cheap, the app is functional and you get a direct link into the Amazon store — unlike those poor saps on iOS!


Since the dawn of the internet, IMDB has been the number-one way to find everything you need to know about your favourite or most obscure films. It's finally on Android tablets so you can be an instant-expert from the comfort of your couch.


    I didn't think SmartGlass worked on tablets? It is incompatible with my Nexus 7.

      Smartglass works on tablets. I have it on my Nexus7 and it runs fine. If you are having issues installing it of Google Play just do a quick search (XDA Forums have it) and side-load it.

      Last edited 15/11/12 7:43 pm

    I'd be lost without CineXPlayer - superb from streaming/downloading TV/Movies from my server. Plays pretty much any format and beats the hell out of having to piss about with iTunes...

    [edit] ah bugger, just realised this is an Android article. Oops :-)

    Last edited 15/11/12 12:25 pm

    Mizuu media manager + MX Player is win. Plex is good too.

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