Backup Provider Crashplan's Sale Features A Shrinking Discount That Began At 100%

Crashplan, the backup provider that recently expanded to Australia, is holding a pretty insane sale right now. It's currently offering 91 per cent off its plans, but every two hours over the next 76 hours that percentage will decrease until it hits 42 per cent, which it will stay at until the sale ends on Monday, November 26 just before midnight CST (4am on November 27 EST).

The deal covers one-year unlimited plans for individuals and families, with the prices as of writing at $US7.56 and $US16.20 respectively. There are a few conditions: you must be a first time buyer; there's a limit of one plan "per person/household/credit card" and the commercial package, Crashplan PRO, is not a part of the sale.

It goes without saying if you want the best discount, you'll need to act fast.

Crashplan [Official site, thanks paddy mosse!]

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    "recently expanded to Australia" is code for "charges Australia far more than any other country on earth." I'm happily with them on an old US plan, but the new Australian plans would not be tempting me.

      I paid a VERY small amount for 4 years about a year and a half ago. I don't think the "Australia tax" applies here, as the prices look much the same as they did when I first signed up.

        There's a bit of a thread about it at WP:

    does the year subscription start from date of purchase or when the code gets used?

    I'm in Australia, price looks to be $12.01 including GST. Where else can you get unlimited online storage for $1 a month?

      Such a pity that you need to upload all your data, something many people pay for in Quota. Plus of course you are then beholding to them, pretty much tied in after the cheap first year expires.

      Consider your quota. If you have a 2GB drive that is 2GB uploaded data over hours and hours, quota to keep it up to date, and should your drive fail... you need to download it all.

      A second hard drive to backup on might end up cheaper and quicker in the long run.

      For some people this is good, for others not so good. Think first.

        How are you beholding (or did you mean beholden?) to them, if in a year you want to change providers you can just change, or course you'll need to seed your backup again, but that's just the way it is with any provider.

        And a second hard drive won't save you if your PC is stolen, or there's a fire at your place.

        One of the things about online storage is that you need to continually upload your data...

        Last edited 29/11/12 6:39 am

    Thanks lifehacker!! In australia too and just got 1 yr for $12. Brilliant!

    Meh, Think I'll stick to my own personal plan of double backing up to a couple of hard drives! Never really understood why you would pay money for a service like this unless you are a business or corporation.

    When you can get unlimted usage for $60 a month I see no reason to not spend $12.00 for 1 year of unlimited storage. A lot cheaper than new drives.

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