Back Up And Sync Your Minecraft Data Across Computers With Dropbox

If you’re a hardcore Minecraft player, you want to do everything possible to avoid losing your time-consuming masterpieces. Turns out you can use Dropbox to sync your game saves so they are accessible from any of your computers running Windows, Mac or Linux.

The How-To Geek recently recommended moving your ‘saves’ folder from the default file folder to your Dropbox folder for both backup and making life easier if you play Minecraft from multiple computers. The only tricky part of the process is after you’ve moved the ‘saves’ folder to Dropbox you must create a symbolic link in the command line interface to point your local version of Minecraft to the synced Dropbox folder. See the source link below for the command for Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

Before you start moving around your ‘saves’ file you should copy it somewhere else as a backup just in case you have problems with the changeover.

How to Backup, Restore, and Sync Your Minecraft Saves on All Your PCs [The How-To Geek]

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