Auto Speaker Is An Intelligent Speakerphone For Android

Android: You know that awkward moment after you take a phone away from your ear and can’t hear anything while you find the speakerphone button? Auto Speaker works in the background to eliminate this issue for good.

Once the app is installed, it will use your proximity sensor to automatically toggle the speakerphone when you move the phone to or from your ear. An on-screen button will also allow you to disable the app for individual calls, and you can customise your speaker’s time delay so it doesn’t trigger if you’re only moving your phone from one ear to another.

This is a great idea if you take a lot of calls while driving, since you won’t need to take your eyes off the road to find the speakerphone button. Unfortunately, it won’t automatically start a call in speakerphone mode if the phone isn’t near your face; it will only kick in after you take it away from your ear the first time. Still, it’s a handy utility, and it's free at Google Play.

Auto Speaker [Google Play Store via Android Authority]


    I use a similar app called Sanity with more features.... Recording calls for instance.
    The trick I use to trigger speakerphone in an outgoing call while driving is to simply wave my hand over the proximity sensor straight after the call connects.

    Oh "This is a great idea if you take a lot of calls while driving", I think not, at least not in NSW! As of the 1st you can't have a mobile anywhere near your head unless the car is stopped and engine not running. You can only touch the phone while driving if it's in a commercially available cradle, or to hand it to a passenger.

    $300 or $400. Are you rich?
    Oops, I'm behind on my reading! (Crawls back in to shell.) LH posted about this last week -

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