Australian Mazes: Lifehacker's Complete List

With the Christmas break fast approaching, visiting a maze is a great way to entertain the family. We've gathered together all of Australia's commercially-operated mazes on a single map so you can get lost in the maze of your choice.

Picture by Will

Mazes are particularly common in Victoria and WA (often growing alongside vineyards), but there are options in every state. Opening hours, charges and facilities vary; we've linked to the web site for each maze marked on the map so you can check those details.

If you know of a maze we've missed, tell us in the comments and we'll update the map. Update: check me out on Ten Breakfast discussing five of the best mazes.


    Mildura, VIC has one at Woodsies Gem Shop

    Also Australia's largest hedge maze (according to the website anyway) on Kangaroo Island, SA

      Tazmazia also claims the same thing - take that claim with a grain of salt.

        Agreed. Still the maze exists and should be added to the map.

    Another one:,146.850217&spn=0.001912,0.00327&sll=40.755656,-73.587627&sspn=0.061896,0.104628&t=h&hnear=Westbury+Tasmania,+Australia&z=19&iwloc=lyrftr:h,17678972074906125254,-41.52619,146.849696

    There's one in Tenterfield as well - North side of the town near the Nursing Home and Speed Camera.... Craze Maze and Park, I think it's called....

    Thanks for all the additions, guys -- I'll build these in tonight.

    There is one here at Art Glass, 89 Glover Street, Kersbrook South Australia, 5231

    You're missing the carpark at Broadway shopping centre. That place is 11/10 difficult to navigate.

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