App Deals: Android, iPhone, iPad, WP7

App Deals: Android, iPhone, iPad, WP7

Beat Hazard Ultra for free on Android, File Manager – Folder Plus for free on iOS, Camera+ for iPad reduced to just 99c, Nextgen Reader for half price on Windows Phone, plus lots more. Deals end without warning, so be quick or miss out!

This is a hand-picked selection of the best discounted apps based on user reviews. We have not reviewed the apps and do not endorse them in any way.

Productivity and lifestyle apps are listed first. Games are stacked towards the bottom of each list. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels.


Mobento for free (new — thanks Peter!) • Foodpom – Food Photo Sharing for free (new) • Wifi Protector reduced to $1.26 (normally $3.89) • Beat Hazard Ultra for free (new) • Hunters: Episode One for $4.76 (new) • International Boxing Champions for free (new) • This Could Hurt for free (new) • Paper Airplanes FULL reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.57) • Sudoku Premium reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99) • Shipwrecked for free (new) • The Enchanted Kingdom reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99) • PUZZLE PRISM reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)


File Manager – Folder Plus now free (normally $5.49) • djay for iPhone now free (normally $0.99) • What’s On Air Pro now free (normally $1.99) • PicShop HD – Photo Editor now free (normally $5.49) • Graham Gram for free (new) • ZombieBooth Pro: 3D-Zombifier reduced to $0.99 (normally $4.49) • ZOOKEEPER DX now free (iTunes App of the Week) • Chip Chain for free (new) • TNNS for $1.99 (new) • Shove Pro for $1.99 (new) • Live Texas Hold ’em Poker 100k by A.S.H. now free (normally $1.99) • Puzzle Craft now free (normally $0.99) • Stick Stunt Biker now free (normally $0.99) • Rope’n’Fly 3 – From Dusk Till Dawn now free (normally $0.99) • Pygmies●Hoglet●EX now free (normally $2.99) • Burn the Ants now free (normally $0.99) • Wannabat EX Plus now free (normally $0.99)

iPad Only

Camera+ for iPad reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99) • Time sheet time clock time card reduced to $1.99 (normally $2.99) • Help Volty for $2.99 (new) • Texas Hold ’em Poker 100k by A.S.H. HD now free (normally $1.99)

Windows Phone

Nextgen Reader reduced to $1.49 (normally $2.49) • UNO reduced to $0.99 (normally $5.49 — Xbox Live Deal of the Week) • Rum Run for $0.99 (new) • Sonic CD for $5.49 (new)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or contact us.

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