ALDI Expressi 2013 Coffee Machine Review: Viva La Caffeinated Revolution

ALDI Expressi 2013 Coffee Machine Review: Viva La Caffeinated Revolution


Coffee might as well be a religion for some people. Everyday, all at the same time, coffee-worshippers line up to pay their tithe and receive a cup full of arabica blessings to start them on their day. So how will the hyper-caffeinated fanatics, who seem to spend quite a lot on shiny home shrines dedicated to the gods of the blessed bean, respond to the latest ultra-cheap alternative from ALDI? Is it still fanaticism if it’s cheap?

What Is It?

The Expressi 2013 is ALDI’s latest take on the cheap coffee machine for the home. (Check out Lifehacker’s review of the previous model.) It costs $89 and takes Expressi pods that range from a strength level of one to 10 — one being a flavoured water equivalent and 10 being the antidote to a nasty case of death. You can nab the pods for $5.99 for a pack of 16.

What’s Good?

There are no two-ways about it: for the price, the Expressi 2013 makes incredible coffee. If you work it out, the Expressi will make you a delicious coffee for 37 cents. Compared to a regular cup of coffee that might set you back $3.50, the Expressi 2013 will have paid for itself in 25 cups of coffee. For less than a month’s worth of your morning java, you’ll be saving money like you wouldn’t believe.

The Expressi 2013 is as simple to use as the previous generation, as it sports the same three buttons on the front — clean, small and large serving — and the power button on top. The only real difference is that the Expressi 2013 is physically slimmer and sports a nicer design than the previous model.

I’m not a huge coffee snob, but I know a good coffee when I taste one. Because the Expressi is just powder and water, it’s not going to be the same as Origin coffee, for example. Despite that, it’s still the best instant coffee I have ever tasted.

What’s Bad?

Admittedly, an $89 coffee machine is not for everyone. Snobs won’t like it because it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and look like it can do your dishes for you once you’re done drinking. That’s simply because of the plastic construction, fit and finish.

On top of that, it is still instant coffee you’re making, so the cafe-obsessed might have trouble switching because of the taste.

Fatal Flaw

The Expressi 2013 is exactly the same dimension vertically as the Expressi 2, meaning that you’ll still struggle to find a cup that will fit underneath the nozzle. I’m using Bodum glassware which fits perfectly, but my favourite mug has been relegated to tea duties only following the purchase of the Expressi.

My advice would be to take a cup along to your local Aldi to see if it fits before purchase. It’s a little weird, but oddly necessary.

Should You Get It?

If you make your morning coffee from powder or granules, the Expressi 2013 is something you need in your life. It’s the only civilised way to drink instant coffee while maintaining some respect in this coffee-obsessed culture we live in.

Something worth considering before you fork over the cash, though is this little parable. In the same way a fashion-victim would never be caught dead in Crocs, coffee fanatics will never own an Expressi. This machine is more for those who want a coffee to walk out the door with in a travel mug. Or even those who don’t want to leave the office for a nice cup of joe. If that’s you, then go and get one this instant.

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  • Article says that it’s instant coffee, Is this actually true?

    I would have assumed it was the same as nespresso, which is just a pre-packaged pellet of ground coffee beans ready to have the steam forced through it.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not actually ‘instant’ coffee. It’s the same as all the other nespresso machines out there… It’s real ground coffee… (It’s packaged in Germany or something… so it’s not super fresh… but definitely not instant granules)

    • It’s the same as Nespresso, I’ve even cut pods open on mine to see, not instant coffee at all, extremely incorrect on the writers part. All that’s in the pods is a single-serve of coffee grounds.

    • It’s not instant, but it is stale pre-ground beans – like all other capsule type coffees.

      Pods are great for making a consistent brew. They can never be great, especially if taken black. But they’re frequently better than the average cafe and the convenience factor is a big plus.

      Nespresso works out to about $150 a kilo for your coffee. Buying decent, fresh (if it has a use-by date on it, it’s already stale) beans from a good roaster usually runs to about $40 a kilo if buying in small lots.

      I’ve had both. Nespresso for a few years, then a cheapo domestic machine and now a decent espresso machine and grinder. The difference is out of this world. I compare my morning coffee to a religious experience.

      But it’s totally not worth it if it’s not a hobby or a passion or if you only drink milky coffee. Might as well get a pod machine.

    • Ditto. It’s not instant coffee. It couldn’t be. Noone who like coffee would pay anything for a machine that made instant.

      I use a plunger but I’m interested in these machines. One thing I do know. Life’s too short for instant.

  • Repost of the Gizmodo review and it hasn’t been corrected which is a shame. It’s not instant coffee, it is coffee grounds, same as other pod machines.

    The chocolate and the Chai mixes are “instant” mixes though.

  • I was going to ask if it also took other non aldi brand coffee pods.. But if its a re posted article probably not going to get an answer.. Except form the lovely commenters!

  • LIES!!!
    We have one of these at work and it makes DISGUSTING coffee!
    Though I must mention that I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur, so my expectations are pretty high.

    • Christ, is there anything more boring than a connoisseur? Yes, there is! It’s the super-bore who simply ‘must mention’ that they’re a connoisseur, if they do say so themselves, and they must.

      F***s given about the opinions of solar-roasted organic yirgacheffe-slurping muppets who are only here to talk about themselves – zero.

      • haha, dude, fired up much? I was merely pointing out that I’m not accustomed to drinking instant coffee. Maybe connoisseur was the wrong word…….fan possibly fits better? Or enthusiast?
        Either way, you need to chill out bro

        • Do they have other machines under the Nespresso name? I’ve only used the one in this article.
          The coffee is just watery and weak, has no body to it. The flavour also tasted cheap, but to be fair I haven’t tried the two types shown in the pics. The one I tried was in a black sachet I’m pretty sure.

  • Luke,
    You state “Because the Expressi is just powder and water…” and “On top of that, it is still instant coffee you’re making…” I think you’ve missed the point in what these machines do and how they work.

    There is ground coffee in each pod and hot water is forced through under pressure to make your coffee. There’s no instant coffee powder in sight.

    The Expressi machines, as do Nespresso and other pod based machines, make real coffee…brewed on the spot…just like a real espresso.

    The quality of the coffee is subjective. I’ve got a Nespresso at home and use an Expressi at work and both do a great job for a quick, consistent, convenient, decent cup of real coffee. For my real REAL REAL coffee fix, I’m happy to shell out at a decent specialty boutique coffee shop for an experience that nothing at home can replicate. For my morning wake me up, though, Nespresso and Expressi machines are just fine.

    Your article would have significantly more credibility if you did some basic research first!

  • The real price comparison comes against instant coffee. I don’t know many people who buy coffee every day, but I do know plenty who use instant, and it’s FAR cheaper than 37c a cup.

    But it makes a wicked cup of coffee. It’s just a shame that the 2010 model leaks and that we have to keep it on a towel in the kitchen to keep from getting coffee stains all over.

    • you should return it and get a new one. I’m on my 3rd machine now… first 2 were the older models which had the leaking issue, and i’ve got one of these new 2013 models and hasn’t had any issues (yet)

  • Still drinking Instant coffee – are you sure? Why would I buy a machine like this just to add boiling water? I think you’ll find that ground coffee (used in most of the pod style machines) is quite different to instant coffee both in terms of taste and also the way that it’s produced. Perhaps you mean you won’t be grinding your own beans?

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