Add Spammers As Contacts So You Can Easily Ignore Them

Even if you've added yourself to the Do Not Call Register, a few spam text messages or phone calls might slip through the cracks. Reddit user jaxxon recommends creating a contact for each one so you can easily ignore them.

Depending on what type of phone you have, once you save the contact, you can then edit it so the calls go directly to voicemail and the text messages are silent. The contact trick is especially useful when you're thrown onto a text messaging "deals list" from retailers without your knowledge.

LPT: Create a "JUNK CALL" entry in your phone contacts. When you get a junk call, add it the contact so you can ignore in the future. [Reddit]


    If you tell them to stop calling/texting, and they continue, you could possibly sue them/get them fined,

      Yeah I am pretty sure if companies (aside from charities and political party stuff, etc) still call you after you register on the DNC register they get in big trouble. Just two examples:

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