Windows 8 Users Looking For That Windows 7 Feel

Even with the knowledge that Windows 8 has dispensed with the Start Menu, a familiar feature of Microsoft's operating systems since Windows 95, you've taken the dive and installed Redmond's latest. Now you're having regrets — perhaps you weren't quite ready to let go. We've covered one or two Start Menu replacements in the past, but now that Windows 8 is truly upon us, more have come out of the software woodwork.

Now that your options have opened up, which one is right for you? Depending on whether you want a straight-up replacement or something with a few extra usability frills, you do have a couple of choices in front of you. A feature over on Addictive Tips nicely covers the favourites, listing the pros and cons of each for summary lovers.

If all you want is the Start Menu back, it's hard to go past StartMenu8 or the previously covered Classic Shell. However, if you're feeling adventurous, Pokki looks like one heck of a slick replacement and might make you forget the Start Menu ever existed.

Whatever you decide to go with, the Addictive Tips article should have you covered. If you've found your own Windows 8 shells, go ahead and share them in the comments.

Best Windows 8 Start Screen Modifiers And Start Menu Apps [Addictive Tips]


    Start8 has to be the outright winner with one caveat.! It cost $5.00... But well worth it as the latest version is highly customisable and it completely bypasses the Metro start page if you want.

    get used to the metro thing. first thing i did was install Start8...Second thing i did was uninstall it. The windows key is my best friend, once you've played around with Windows 8, got your apps sorted into groups, got rid of the crap apps etc it's fine. You flick between Metro and the desktop easy enough.

      Been using it for months now and was never happier than when I installed Start8..!

    I still long for that Windows XP feel.

      A guy at work keeps his pc with the Windows 98 theme. Horrid!

        i ran with the classic/98 look until i got a good pc, its easier on the memory, cpu and gpu on a crappy computer. Also using a black desktop background helps.

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