Win A Samsung Galaxy S III

Want a shiny new Android phone? To celebrate the release of the Android version of the ANZ goMoney app, we have a Samsung Galaxy S III (valued at $899) to give away to one lucky Lifehacker reader.

To enter, tell us in the comments about the most embarrassing or awkward situation you've found yourself in as the result of not being able to pay someone. (One of the features of the goMoney app is the ability to pay money to anyone with a mobile phone number.)

The entry we judge the most amusing and original will win the phone. Full terms and conditions here. Entries close this Friday (October 26) at 10am, so get cracking! Thanks to the ANZ team for supplying the prize; you can learn more about the goMoney app at the dedicated goMoney microsite.


    I was buying a brand new car, had to obviously put down a deposit and ended up that on the same day money to pay for my loan was taken out and I was left with a nice negative balance of $5000. So after sitting with the car dealer for 4 hours I ended up with no new car and being made out to be some kind of time waster to them. Oh well.

      Renting a DVD and buying a bottle of wine. Had 20 cents in wallet, insufficient to buy my child a ChuppaChup. Not a good look with paper bag tucked under arm in bottle shop.

    When i was very little, i never knew money existed. I walked into Mcdonalds and ordered a 30c cone to my avail i got the cone for free!! I kept doing this until i was older i guess its embarrassing once you get older and they make you pay... when you can't !

    I went into subway to buy a sub, as I got to the counter to pay for it, I realised I didn't have my keycard. I then told the girl that I'd come back to pay her but I never ended up doing it because my keycard was at home and I didn't wanna go that far, I ended up being banned.

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    After spending a month fretting about it, our offer on a house was accepted. The big day came to pay our deposit, but somehow we messed up the account number and it didn't go through!
    Luckily they laughed at us, but more than a heart-in-mouth moment!

    A few months ago, I took a girl I was quite interested in out too dinner. We ate, we drank, we had a fantastic time. Dinner went smoothly, I pulled out my wallet, paid for the night, and we headed back to her place.

    It might be worthwhile knowing that this was my last night in Brisbane before I would move out to a small country town about 800km away. I woke up at her place, said goodbyes and whatnot, and left, with the intention of heading to my place, and then the airport.

    Upon arriving at my home, the movers knocked on my door and required that I pay them, they'd just gotten the last of my stuff out of the house, and the first truck was arriving at my new home now.

    Somehow, the night had sapped my entire savings.

    Needless to say, the 8 burly men covered in hair and tattoos were not impressed, causing a massive argument, ending up with me missing my flight. Thankfully, I sorted out payment, but the only way I could get to this town in time to start my new job the day after my flight was due to leave, was too ride in the truck.

    With the men who I'd almost ripped off.

    Recently my fiancée and I purchased our first house, and as a result we opened a joint bank account to make things easier. Our bank rep opened up the new account and attached it to the Cheque account on my existing bank card. I transferred all my money into the joint account as I no longer had a need for a personal/individual account. I went to fill up my car the next day and went to pay via cheque but it kept getting rejected. Apparently our bank rep didn't set up the bank card connection right :( I had to get one of my friends to drive over and pay for my fuel.... Very unhappy customer.

    Awkward moment when you've successfully argued with your parents and finally won the right to pay for the dinner you have just had with them..only to get to the counter and have your card declined because work has once again mucked up the weekly pay.

      Ha - I only did that last week too!

    I went to fuel up at a petrol station, full tank around $70 worth went in and then it dawned on me. my debit card was with my wife. desperate I called her at work to see if she could read out the numbers on the card to pay over the phone. As she works in a cafe she didn't pick up.

    I fessed up to the cashier thinking "they will be sweet about it, I'll just leave my drivers license here and come back and pay for it". The guy looked at me, his mood changed and then gave me this leaflet stating in bold "If you do not pay within 30 mins of leaving the petrol station it will be considered stealing and the police will be notified". My heart sank, knowing my wifes work was about 30 mins return trip away more in traffic.

    I started debating in my head what was worse, stealing or caught speeding/negligent driving or both! I started freaking out badly. Then the phone rang, it was my wife with the debit card and everything was sorted out. though needless to say I double check where my cards are when I leave as I dont not want to repeat that again.

    I went to pay for petrol one night on the way home from work, and went in to pay with my new card. Knowing I ahd money in my account I swiped away.... only for it to not work. Something had happened and the new pin didnt work or the activation failed, and it declined... I held up the attendant at the servo (only having one person on) whilst I tried phoning the bank, to no avail and a huge line up of angry people behind me, in the end I had to call my Dad (as a 26 yr old) and get him to pay for it over the phone, all whist dealing with commentry from a very angry line of people behind me! How embarassment!

      There is something odd about the contracted form of this story; "my card was declined, so I held up the attendant..." You had my mind going for a little!

    This happened just last week in fact (perfect timing!)

    My partner and I went to a cafe for lunch, we worked out that between the two of us, we had enough money in our wallets between the two of us (I had $10, partner had $20). I went up to order just as her phone rang and she walked out to answer it, I placed the order without thinking and then had to run out of the shop as soon I realised I didn't have enough to chase my partner down the get the $20. Needless to say, the cashier looked very confused and I was most embarrassed!

    When I was 19, my sister borrowed my car to drive about 100km north of Melbourne and go horse riding for the day. I received a call from her early that afternoon from a nearby hospital. She'd fallen off a horse and broken her arm. The horse riding place had taken her to the hospital and left her there, but the car was still at the farm. Could I get the car, drive to the hospital to pick her up and bring her home?

    Somehow I got myself out to the farm (a friend drove me), and he dropped me off and left. I jumped in the car and started driving towards the hospital. To my dismay, when I looked down at the fuel display, the car was sitting right on empty. There was no way I could get to the hospital. I pulled in to the next petrol station.

    I had no cash on me (in my hurry to help I'd left my wallet behind), I was in a country petrol station miles from home, and miles from the hospital. All I had was my filthy car, and whatever I could find in there. I went into the station and begged them for $5 of fuel. They refused. I offered them my Vince Jones' Greatest Hits CD. They refused (in retrospect, not surprisingly). I was out of options.

    I explained that "my sister fell off a horse and is in a nearby hospital, and she didn't put petrol in the car before she left, and now I'm trying to pick her up, and she has money and I promise to come back immediately to pay you back". It doesn't sound very convincing to me now either. It wasn't convincing to the petrol station attendant who presumably gets people begging for fuel regularly, and no doubt far more interesting stories than mine.

    Thankfully a kind-hearted customer at the petrol station overheard my pleas and offered to pay for $5 of fuel. Which was enough to get me to the Seymour Base Hospital, pick up my sister and then fill the car with fuel (from her wallet).

    After going for a run with friends in twon I decided to fill the car petrol tank. Only to realise at the counter that I didnt bring my wallet with me (who does when going for a run!).

    The wife did not enjoy being woken up early to come to the petrol station to pay the bill!

    As a toddler, a not so responsible baby-sitter left the gate open while she had a nap on the couch. I left the house and made my way to the corner store where the shop keeper found me sitting on the floor in the confectionary isle helping my self to lollies and chocolates. The police where called to come and collect me and when they asked "where do you live little man?" I replied "with my Mummy and Daddy!" Eventually the babysitter called the police when she woke from her nap and I was returned home safely. The babysitter had to cop the bills for all the confectionary for me though! ;-)

    I put a 50% deposit down on a $1500 kayak, and returned a few days later to the shop to pick it up and pay the remainder. The second payment was rejected but neither me or the cashier picked it up, so off I went with my (now heavily discounted) kayak.

    I noticed the discrepancy on my bank statement a few days later so I returned to pay the difference; the cashier laughed at me that I would return and pay it, felt weird being embarrassed for doing the right thing!

    After my trial exams in year 12 I invited a group of friends (around five) to go out to a cafe to celebrate the end of exams. Unfortunately halfway through the meal I realised that I didn't bring my wallet and that the familier bulge in my pocket was my glasses (that I received a week before). I ended up asking the others to chip in but it was really embarrassing as I invited them out as a spur of the moment thing to begin with...

    Filled my tank with 40 litres of petrol, went in to pay and found my keycard wasn't working (I think my brain had changed the PIN I had been using for the last 3 years...). I was 18 at the time and didn't have a credit card, so had to fill in a form agreeing for the petrol station to set the cops after me if I did not return within EXACTLY 24 hours and pay the ~$60. I had to borrow the cash from my Dad to go back and pay the next day, arriving late to work as a result of the petrol station's odd opening times.
    I then had to apply for a new PIN for my keycard, and also quickly signed up for a low limit credit card for emergencies such as this!
    Typical of me... one of the few goods you can't put back on the shelf...

    My mate had asked me if I wanted to go to Soundwave Festival a few years back and he was going to buy the tickets and for me to pay him back. Months went on and I just kept forgetting to pay him... a week before the festival he asked me if I had the money (which unfortunately I didn't) but I said to him that I'd pay him the week after and he said thats alright. All my mates went in, and I was last. When my ticket was scanned they said that my ticket was fake, and I said how could it be?!?! My mate paid for these tickets!

    Well the bastard had photocopied his ticket and altered it to have my name and DOB on it, so I didn't even get in. Safe to say we're not mates anymore.

    Moral of the story: Always pay your debts!

    I was on a date at a restaurant and went to pay with my card, but it wouldn't go through. Rather than making my date pay, I knew there was an ATM down the road so I quickly ran down the road to get some cash. I was running so i didn't keep her waiting, but on the way back my belt broke and when I went to pay my pants fell down. Yep, pants down.

    When I was about 10, my pop asked me to go to the shop and buy him some milk and bread, and put some change on the table for me to take (It was only about 4 doors up the road in a safe neighborhood). When I got to the counter to pay for the goods I realised I left the money on the table so I tried to pay with Connect-4 tokens. The man at the shop yelled at me and I walked home sobbing.

    I went to the Star casino with my last $50 for the week, i played for about and hour and ending up walking out with $90. Anyway, when i went back to my car, i found a parking ticket for $98. I had to wait a few days until i got paid to front that extra $8.

    My friends and I were going to karaoke for a birthday celebration and when I arrived I realised I had left my debit card at home (due to leaving it next to my computer after online shopping). I couldn't pay for the night but one of my friends decided to help me out by paying for me, on the condition that I would sing any song he wanted when he asked for it.

    A night of singing songs at another's will is bad enough, but having to sing 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls for the group next door without my shirt on was the worst. I have never forgotten my debit card since.

    It was my mothers birthday and I had splashed out and bought her a $60 bottle of alcohol with the last of my cash as I had just lost my job. I had a party to attend that night and all I had on me was that bottle. I ended up taking the bottle and getting pretty hammered. I awoke the next morning to remember that I had to attend my mother's birthday lunch and give her a gift I raced down to the local shops and grabbed a block of chocolate upon reaching the register I remembered that I had no cash I asked if I could pay it off next time I was there (I visit there frequently) they said no. I told them my story and they just laughed and told me "it's your own fault".

    I was out of options I reached the party with the empty bottle enclosed in wrapping paper and filled with water as I walked in the door I dropped the bottle and it shattered. My auntie was nice enough to give me $10 to go and get mum a lock of chocolate and a card.

    I'm a horrible son.

    My university (UNSW) has an amazing Oktoberfest party every year, and the lines are notoriously long for tickets. They often sell out within a couple of days. My friend and I had camped out since 6am to get a good spot in the line. And boyyyy was it a long wait! I was hardly awake during the whole ordeal and I was just counting down the hours until the ticket booth opened up. By around 9am, the lines were massive! Not even exaggerating, it was about 300m long and it was by no means a single-file; the line was about 7 people wide all throughout the 300m.

    FINALLY after 4 of the longest hours ever, we got to the front of the line and there must have been a good 500-600 people behind us still. I got out my wallet and handed the checkout girl my card and she said with the most deadpan face: "Um we don't accept Medicare sorry...". I was ready to implode. I forgot to transfer my keycard over when I was changing wallets the night before! It was so embarrassing.

    I once went to McDonald's (yeah pretty funny right) I asked for two soft serves, cause I'm that cool. The total came to $1 and I said 'what happened to my change?' and the worker said, Amercia has been saying that for the last five years. I did a seewhatyoudidthere face and he said you know what its on the house, and I said the white house?? and we both had a good laugh. We are now friends.

    I had been tossing up the idea of buying a new laptop for months and happened to be walking past a store that had one of the options I was tossing up. Upon looking and talking to the salesman, he informed me of a sale, a few phone calls and lengthy discussions about specs and usability and I had decided that I wanted to buy this particular laptop! So I finished what I had originally come to the shops for, super excited about the new shiny purchase, convinced the salesman to throw in a few extras! Winning! Swiped my card....declined....a quick calculation revealed i was $45 short... no worries! I can transfer money on my local bank that I could transfer money with..shops were closing...mid week public holiday.....NOOOOOOoo.... longest 2 days ever.....

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