Who Won The Samsung Galaxy S III?

We had loads of entries into our competition to win a Samsung Galaxy S III courtesy of ANZ goMoney. It seems lots of people are more than happy to tell an embarrassing story about themselves for the chance to win a phone.

There were frequent recurring themes: running out of money at petrol stations, on overseas holidays, while using a pay-only toilet and when on a date came up many times. Picking a winner was difficult, but in the end we couldn't go past Casey Gould's account, which added an extra layer of embarrassment to the familiar dating scenario:

I was on a date at a restaurant and went to pay with my card, but it wouldn't go through. Rather than making my date pay, I knew there was an ATM down the road so I quickly ran down the road to get some cash. I was running so I didn't keep her waiting, but on the way back my belt broke and when I went to pay my pants fell down.

We'll be in touch with Casey to arrange his prize delivery. Thanks everyone for entering, and thanks again to ANZ for supplying the prize.


    Well done. Great comp, and lots of laughs!

    Very good! :) enjoy your new phone!

    Hahah I would prefer to lose the competition than to have that particular experience stuck in my memory forever! Good job!

    Hmm! Not the one I would have chosen.

    Maybe you could let readers select the winner of future competitions by setting up a voting system based on one of or a combination of the following factors:

    * IP address
    * MAC address
    * email address
    * ID code based on hardware in device like Microsoft product validation (though I guess this would be difficult to do for multiple OSs)

    I thought that the funniest/best story was the one about the lady who left her dog tied to the door of the fuel station as hostage while she went to get the cash and when she came back it wasn't allowing anyone in or out of the station.

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