Which Reality Show Sums Up Your Career?

If your career was a reality TV show, which one would it be? If you're an independent contractor, the most popular answer turns out to be MasterChef.

As part of the annual iPro Index examining the attitudes of independent professional contractors, 346 contractor workers were asked that question. 38 per cent chose MasterChef (a high-pressure environment where you can show off your skills). 29 per cent went with The Block, 19 per cent went with The Amazing Race, while both Big Brother and The Voice got 7 per cent each. (No-one's career is actually like Big Brother.)

We'll be covering the full study (conducted by Monash University and sponsored by Entity Solutions) in a separate post, but couldn't resist this morsel of detail. Which reality show best sums up your career? Tell us in the comments, but don't try and tell us it's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


    "No-one’s career is actually like Big Brother." aka bludgers!!

    One of those japanese games shows where they just relentlessly beat you with things for no reason

    Man vs. Wild

    Weekend with Bernie. I know it is a movie....My Career is dead, and I am propping it up and dragging it around as best I can. I hoping it turns into "Roxky IV"... It could be that new reality show on channel 10 with Hughes Sheridan.... High hopes but never stood a chance :) that's life hey ?

    I can't believe nobody chose 'the shire'.

    Brynne Edelsten: My Bedazzled Life. I can't believe I am the only one!

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