Where Do You Store Your Smartphone On A Big Night Out?

OK, a fair proportion of Lifehacker readers won't end up spending their Saturday nights at a party in only their underwear. (I'm not judging; whatever works for you.) But the picture above does highlight an issue everyone grapples with from time to time: where do you store your phone if you haven't got usable pockets?

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That's a common dilemma for women; a handbag is one solution, but not everybody takes one of those either. For men, extremely tight jeans can preclude pocketing a phone, and most blokes won't head out with a bag for a night out.

What do you do in those circumstances? Keep your phone in your hand and hope you won't leave it somewhere by mistake? Make sure you wear a shirt with a pocket? Tell us your favoured solution in the comments.


    If you are a gentleman and do not have usable pockets, you are inappropriately attired. Consider a vest (hopefully pinstriped), or a less ridiculous pair of pants.

      Such sartorial wisdom. You sir, are truly wise. If I'm wearing jeans which are so tight so as to render pockets inoperable, where to put my mobile telephonic device is the least of my worries; rather it would be in my hand so that I can call my parents to console them that the family name has met its demise.

        ...if you are wearing jeans so tight so as to render pockets inoperable, you are inappropriately attired. Consider a vest (hopefully pinstriped), or a less ridiculous pair of pants.


      That is indeed true for gentleman. The picture indicates a man of lower social status, who is willing to get around in white undies and fake tan... my kind of man.

      For parties where you are not wearing much the choices are:
      Wear an accessory to contain said phone, either a sports arm band, shoulder bag or dare I suggest it... bum bag *shudder*
      or buddy with a friend and leave the phone with your clothes, let your other friends know to contact you via your buddy.
      or if you have a small feature phone and oversized sport shoes, it is possible to fit the phone in your shoe.

      If you a wearing tight jeans and a pin stripped vest you have far bigger problems.

      Such as how to get back to nineteen eighty nine.

        All you'd need is a pork pie hat and you could be Joey from Degrassi junior high.

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA yeah thanks for that Nanna!

    AussieBum have a pair of jocks with a pocket at the front.

    agree with Fenixius, even if you "must" wear tight pants, why not wear a shirt with a top pocket? the only time this is an issue for me is going to the beach, Board shorts and t-shirt leave no room to have a phone and cash.

    if a guy is wearing jeans tight enough that he cant fit his phone in the pocket he might as well carry a hand bag.

    Not in a pinstriped vest thats for sure #Ihatehipsters

    If you're a guy and you can't fit your phone in your pocket...your pants are too tight. Get new ones.

      Or get a smaller phone. The Galaxy Note you have ain't gonna get down those pants.

    Shelve it... yeah.

    Being a person who used to dance in my underwear many a late night's entertainment was done with a small glittery backpack. Phone, wallet, ciggies, drugs the lot went in it and I was free to strut in my 2xists.

    So there you go gents, if you ever attend an afterparty (as long as it's not a foam party as that poses a whole new problem) get a small furry/glittery/animal shaped backpack.

    Assuming your wearing a shirt, there are lots of waterproof plastic sleeves with neck strings that will hold a phone and cash - you can buy them in travel shops - I do this when i'm on any tour overseas involving a boat - the phone goes in, enough local cash to get me through the day and anything else gets left at the hotel.

    The one I have looks like this one (except i have it in blue, and purchased it locally in Adelaide)

    Back on topic though, my own big nights out were never a problem for storing phones even back to the big brick's LG made as the first UMTS phones on "3" in Australia and GSM phones before that were all never a problem.

    "Gee that guy looks great in those skin tight jeans" said no one at all, ever!

    Give me phat jeans any day of the week!

    Last edited 12/10/12 4:46 pm

    So Angus, was this picture taken before or after you got the sauce stain on the undies?

      ha! gold!

    Get a GF and use her handbag. Simple.

    Girlfriend's handbag - car keys, phone and wallet. On second thought, i'll hold on to my credit cards!

      Exactly! ;-)

    Man bag. Or a camelback ; I used to used one sans bladder as a man bag, but if you're dancing hard, it's probably not a bad idea to keep the bladder in there to stay hydrated.

    Attach some self-adhesive velcro dots to the back of your phone and whack it on your chest.

    Walla !

    I keep everything in my bra. Only problem is that everything gets covered in sweat - not the best think when you're trying to buy drinks with a sweaty $20 note

    I wouldn't go out without pockets. Smart phone is one thing, but I also need to store my wallet and keys. I need pockets.

    I have a friend who will put a phone down her bra as a last resort.

    I am usually wearing high boots so I'll keep it in one of them. Otherwise, if I'm wearing heels and don't have pockets I'll put it in my bra

    Keys, ID, cash and cards can go in my bra. Phone stays in my hand.

    Just leave the damn thing in the car or at home. Let your friends call the taxi and have them worry about where to keep their phone.

      And what if you all your friends did this? Send smoke signals to the taxi? :)

      As many people have suggested get a shirt with a pocket or phat jeans.

    Top pockets are an obvious solution, but I have to admit that 3 times now, lifting the seat before using the dunny (like the gentleman that i am) i have dropped my smartphone in the toilet.

    Jeans so tight you can't fit a 9mm phone in your pocket? Time for new pants.

    Is this a new form of VPL (visible phone line)

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