What Do You Name Your Computers?

What Do You Name Your Computers?

Picking a good naming scheme for your networked computers, server and other devices is important. If you’re feeling stumped coming up with unique and memorable names, consult this awesome Network Naming Schemes wiki.

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The site lists a wide number of suggestions, including: Batman characters, books of the Bible, Linux flavours, stars used for navigation, dwarven characters, infamous cars, Japanese foods, and a whole lot more. They’re organised alphabetically and also by server type and general categories. Use the random page link to quickly find inspiration.

Feel free to contribute your own and help out with the pages that need more work.

The site suggests that these schemes can be used to find unique and scalable names not just for computing devices, but also projects, products, and even pets or kids.

What do you use?

Network Naming Schemes


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