What Do You Name Your Computers?

What Do You Name Your Computers?

Picking a good naming scheme for your networked computers, server and other devices is important. If you’re feeling stumped coming up with unique and memorable names, consult this awesome Network Naming Schemes wiki.

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The site lists a wide number of suggestions, including: Batman characters, books of the Bible, Linux flavours, stars used for navigation, dwarven characters, infamous cars, Japanese foods, and a whole lot more. They’re organised alphabetically and also by server type and general categories. Use the random page link to quickly find inspiration.

Feel free to contribute your own and help out with the pages that need more work.

The site suggests that these schemes can be used to find unique and scalable names not just for computing devices, but also projects, products, and even pets or kids.

What do you use?

Network Naming Schemes


  • At one place I worked they used days of the work week. Monday through Friday. They did it because to keep those WIndows Servers running sweet, that was the day they were rebooted….

  • I used game characters – Mario, Sonic, etc… Always fun when you had to upgrade Sonic to make it faster, or; after 100 requests, you finally get the coin to 1UP the Mario server..!

  • For my computers, I use star system names: Rigel, Betelgeuse, Antares. For external drives (that go between them) I use sci-fi ship names: Lexx, Red Dwarf, Prometheus.

  • When I was responsible for maintaining a small network in one company (I was deemed most suitable because I knew how to ctrl/alt/del to forcequit) I used names of Latin American dictators for all the computers. From memory, there was Batista, Peron, Pinochet, Stroessner… the list is endless. It got a few raised eyebrows, but what were my bosses gonna do.

  • I named my first PC Osiris, and everything has been named for an Egyptian god ever since. It doesn’t stop at computers, I have named phones, TVs, my cat, even my new washing machine. I’m running out of main gods, and have to look up more obscure ones.

  • I use elements from the periodic table to name machines. The last octet of the private IP address is mapped to the atomic number, so my router ( is named hydrogen, my main server (oxygen) is

  • We’ve been using Middle Earth inspired names for about ten years now. Helm’s Deep used to be the family desktop, Weathertop was my old tower PC, Bree was my mother’s laptop, and so on. My current laptop – a convertible tablet PC – is Brandywine (a sort of border between two device worlds), my wife’s laptop is Moria (deep thoughts for a PhD candidate), and the desktop tower connected to the flatscreen TV is Orthanc (a tower with a far-reaching eye!). There are so many places to choose from that it’ll be a while before we run out of options 🙂

  • My naming scheme for my home network is possibly the most lame of anyone here. Before I set up the network, all the computers had default windows generated names. When I took control, I named my laptop awesome. Since then every new computer gets the name awesome with a roman numeral suffix.

  • Characters from the Austin Powers series…

    Windows 7 system – fat bastard
    Second Windows 7 system – number 2
    Ubuntu Laptop – austin
    Ubuntu Netbook – mini me
    XBMC PC running on Ubuntu – foxy

  • I use characters and locations from the Thomas Covenant novels for production servers and characters from Futurama for test servers. Client PCs are just stuffed with an area-department-user code designation.

  • At a place I used to work the naming convention was 4 letter site code + server function + counter which was great until we went from Openmail to Exchange and we ended up with ABESEXCHANGE001 as I recall the naming convention changed after that.

  • Im going to go boring and use a Location-Role-OS-NUMBER naming convention as you need something like that when you manage 1200+ VMs.

    But as this is a bit tongue in cheek – the best name I have seen for a server within a clients DMZ was Christmas_ Island!

  • I built up a fairly powerful desktop PC a few years ago that, through a typo, got called “Gruntr”. The name stuck, and I now have “Servr”, “Printr”, “Creatr” (actually Gruntr dual booted into Ubuntu Studio) and “XMBCr” (yeah, that one’s lame)… Never managed to apply the schema to iPad/iPhone though… any suggestions?

  • Mine started off as being named after wine grapes, merlot, cabernet, shiraz etc, but have recently branched out a bit, new laptop is called absinthe.

  • Going all the way back to my trusty old C64 I’ve named my PCs Edgar (from Electric Dreams). My current PC is Edgar VII.
    My servers on the other hand are just SRV01, SRV02… etc

    • Love it!

      That was the first movie I ever borrowed from a shop. My dad told me to get it because it was about a computer that came to life. I spent 90 minutes trying to figure out the bad hair and why there was all this kissy crap in a computer movie.

  • Batman for my main PC, as it’s a black beast.
    Robin for my media Centre TV as it’s pretty much just a lacky.
    Thinktank for my laptop, cause it’s a Lenovo Thinkpad.
    I’ve used SuperMan before and would probably use other super heroes like GreenLantern, SpiderMan, Wolverine, Cyclopes, etc
    Also considered using Greek Gods. Had a client at work do that, seemed cool, though wasn’t that good for work environment. Would be fine for home though.

  • I use The Simpsons. Hardware is characters (main(-ish) characters for PCs, secondary characters for phones and other devices), network infrastructure is locations.

  • I bought a pc from an old isp that was liquidated and it had Homer tapped across it, another one had The Deathstar written on it which sounded way cooler.

  • My old work used to have the network drives as Kirk, Spock etc. But slowly they all disappeared and we were only left with Kirk, and by that time I was the only one who knew the meaning…

  • Router/ssid is Threshold.
    My first server was Castle, and my new server is Sphynx (yes, spelt like that)
    My small NetBook is Sting (The Hobbit)
    2 gaming PCs are Hydra and Scylla
    2 laptops are Chimera and Quetzalcoatl

  • Laptop named Tesla after my favourite scientist, phone named Buzz after a dog I knew. No schema, though I’ll probably continue with the scientist names when the time comes – so if you have any suggestions of eccentric geniuses, let me know.

  • For a small business, servers, yeah, names like Batman, Superman, Homer, Bart, Lisa are cool names – but anything more. But when you have hundreds of servers, doing this will get confusing.

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