Vodafone Admits It Dropped The Ball, Looks Towards 2013

Vodafone Admits It Dropped The Ball, Looks Towards 2013

If you thought Vodafone has had a couple of bad years, well, you’re right. In an interview aired today on the ABC’s Inside Business, company CEO Bill Morrow did not shy away from the troubles Vodafone has encountered in recent times — including its remarkable fall from grace with customers in Australia.

“It wasn’t that long ago that Vodafone was on top of the mark. We had one of the highest preference scores amongst consumers, and I think the reality is the market got ahead of Vodafone,” Morrow told IB host Alan Kohler. Morrow went on to say that Vodafone wasn’t prepared for the massive surge in the popularity of smartphones.

“That drove a different kind of demand on the network and it got ahead of the company. The investment wasn’t there at the time, but it is now and that’s what we’re correcting,” he said.

Vodafone is now working to improve its network, which it hopes to have sorted by the end of next year and while it has had customers say “they feel a difference”, it still has a lot of work to do. Morrow is confident it has everything it needs to embrace the 4G era, with the spectrum it gained from the 3 merger putting the company in a “very nice, healthy [and] deep position”.

“In fact, 1800MHz is the one that I’m the most excited about, we have 30MHz of spectrum and that is perfect for LTE as we go forward into the 4G bands,” he said.

Regarding NBN, Morrow was extremely positive. “I think NBN is a fabulous thing. I have a long history in both fixed and wireless mobile and when I see what Australia is doing with the NBN, I think it’s the perfect model going forward,” he said.

Vodafone is correcting its problems: Bill Morrow [Inside Business, via ZDNet]


  • Yep, sorry Bill. The service has got *worse* during the course of the year, not better. I, and my business, can no longer rely on the Vodafone name to provide coverage. Even if one of our devices indicates it has coverage it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’s actually available or not. No one in business can realistically use Vodafone.
    We’ll be following noko next month too.

  • I’m moving both my parents away from Vodaphone too, they dont know much about technology and I forced them into getting mobile phones so it would be easier to contact them. After a month they both stopped using SMS messaging and said it was “too difficult”, after I looked at their phones, Vodaphone had actually been SPAMMING them with stupid offers and advertising, and they couldn’t figure out which texts were from me and which were ads, so they stopped using them.

    What kind of phone company SPAMS their OWN customers? To hell with you Vodaphone.

  • I have watched countless friends cancel there contracts in the grounds Vodafone is not providing the service they are paying for and go straight to the competition.

  • Correct me if I’m worng..Telstra and optus r using 2100 frequeny for 4g….and now if ir using 1800….then mobiles may not be interchangeable between networks 🙁

    • Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are all using 1800 MHz for 4G LTE services. I think Vodafone and Optus are still using 2100 MHz for 3G services in bulit-up areas.

      That said, I’m sticking with Vodafone as I haven’t had any real problems that would convince me to go back to Telstra.

  • Vodafone commenced the improvement with fanfare a year ago and it’s still getting worse?! I am tired of the excuses. Plus they probably will not have LTE until 2014!

  • I have been a satisfied Vodafone customer for about 5 years, (phone and mobile broadband) sure there have been some problems, but I’ve always been offered much better deals than elsewhere.

  • I was with orange, then 3 then they moved me to vodaphone. This is not the contract I entered into. I lose calls, my phone has no bars or service. They offered me a new phone, $5 internet wifi a month just to keep me. I said I would do a month trial. After going home and still having issues I called to cancel I was told I couldn’t. I called several vodaphone staff and given several different answers. Told to open my new phone trial it, told not to, told I needed a htc phone upgrade, told to buy a prepaid while they fixed mine.My 14 month old HTC phone was not compatible with the vodaphone network. I had to upgrade.
    They said would send me a satchel to send the new offered phone back. This has taken a month to come to me. And so my battle with vodaphone continues. I will not be with vodaphone any longer, nor will my partner and his business.

  • Posted this on gizmodo but what has been omitted (whether by accident or on purpose) is that VHA only have something like 5mhz of 1800mhz outside of metro. So if they don’t buy any new spectrum, they have next to no chance of any decent LTE outside of metro. Turning into hutchison/3 prior to the merger – where they focused on metro and relied on others to provide service. Expect either an LTE roaming deal with Optus, or just no LTE outside of metro altogether

  • Yep, sorry Bill too little too late. I to experienced ongoing service issues with Vodafone. I was first told my iPhone was the problem so i upgraded to a HTC Desire HD, only to be told last week that “that phone is no longer compatible with the Vodafone network”. I went to JB-HiFi on Friday, ported my number to Telstra, got a Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G and 20 mins later was streaming YouTube and browsing like a boss!! Funny thing was though Telstra stores didnt have any in stock and Samsung store couldnt port number because i was still on plan. Moral of the story, no phone company is perfect.

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