Use Unnoticeable Ringtones If You Always Forget To Silence Your Phone

It's annoying when a phone goes off in a movie or in a meeting. If you struggle to remember to turn your phone off at the appropriate times, Redditor Asmailes has a clever solution: make your ringtone sound like a cough.

Photos by SCA Scenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget and Jacek Bernatek (Shutterstock).

As a college student and waiter who forgets to silence his phone, this has saved me from death glares from professors and customers when my phone goes off. Works great for movie theatres and office meetings. While yes, people will notice the sound, they will not necessarily know what it was or where it came from.

You're not limited to coughs. Asmailes also suggests sneezes, farts (because that's not embarrassing at all), a coin dropping and clearing your throat. The list is expanding over on the Reddit thread, so check it out for more options. If you're not sure how to make a custom ringtone for your phone, read this.

LPT: Make you ringtone's and notification's sounds like coughing or a whistle. [Reddit]


    So Lifehacker is a reddit repost service now? Cool.

    I like loud obnoxious ringtones that make it seem like the end of the world will happen if you don't pick up

    Like this

    not everyone reads reddit like we do, I think it's great they bring those quality posts to the masses. At least they give credit. I'd love to complain about my facebook friends who post content I saw on reddit 2 months ago as if they made the image or quote up themselves....

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