Use This Trick To Speak To Friends At Loud Concerts Without Shouting

Talking to someone during a live gig is not recommended, lest you want to end the night with a sore throat and a hoarse voice. But you're out, enjoying yourself and socialising is not only desirable, but inevitable. What if it were possible to avoid the aching vocal cords, yet still get the message across?

Image: ThoMo1969 / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

NormSonOfAGunderson on Reddit suggests occluding the ear of the person you wish to talk to using their tragus. The tragus is the small flap of skin and cartridge, circled in red in the image above.

The theory is that by covering the ear with the tragus, you block out much of the ambient sound, making it much easier for the person to hear you. From the Reddit post:

You would use your thumb to push in on the person's tragus and speak into that same ear. You still have to move your mouth semi-close to their ear, but blocking the ear filters out the really loud noise and allows more of your own voice to get in.

This is not the sort of thing you'd try with a stranger — moving your hand to block someone's ear is not the best way to make friends. However, your partner or someone aware of what you're trying to do would certainly be more accommodating.

LPT: When at a concert or a loud event, if your friends cannot hear you no matter how loud you yell, cover their ear and then say it to them [Reddit]


    Or you could get them to do it so you're not pressing someone else's ear?

      Think of it as something similar to push to talk. Only you know when your gonna say something. So it's easier to lean over and block their ear when ur saying something.

        Push to talk? Just like Xbox live. Make sure your friends can hear you properly when you verbally abuse them with obscenities and racial slurs!

    My wife did this to me at a concert once.... blew my mind! This trick works extremely well.

    Myself and a friend of mine started an Auslan course and its comes in handy during gigs and party's. it's also good when we're across the room from each other

    It works. A bit awkward. Side note: it's cartilage, not cartridge

      Speak for yourself, I have random bits of ammunition replacing several body parts.

    I've always stuck my own finger in my ear to hear other people talk to me at loud venues. Get some weird looks from people who think I'm trying not to listen to them.

    I just text them...

      From the point of a performing muso, you can play to hundreds of people and seeing someone text on their phone while you're up there is still a downer

    This is where having some deaf mates comes in handy, most of the people in my friend group have a basic understanding of hand signs and use those when we're at a loud party.

    That said, if you're at a big party/concert etc, you're usually pointing or making some kind of hand gesture to help get your message across, like pointing to your wrist to ask the time, or pretending to drink when asking someone if they need a top up

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