Use Executive Email Addresses To Get Around Customer Service Roadblocks

Use Executive Email Addresses To Get Around Customer Service Roadblocks

If you’re having a hard time getting anyone at a company to respond to your service issue, it’s time to take your complaint to the top. Most people at their wits end find that a well-worded and actionable email to a corporate executive gets quick and effective results, and the folks over at The Consumerist have a great guide to figuring out those executive email addresses.

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The Consumerist suggests doing your homework and learning the names of everyone at the top tier of the company you have a complaint with — sometimes there’s an executive specifically responsible for your type of complaint. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out the company’s naming conventions and domain suffix and firing away.

They also suggest making sure you send your note from a named email address with an appropriate reply-to so that it stands a lower chance of being completely ignored. Remember, CEOs often have assistants handling their mail for them, and while many may respond directly, it’s more likely that a well-written and professional note from a real person will get forwarded to the appropriate VP or Director for action. Check out the whole guide below, and give it a try the next time a company’s 1800 number makes you want to bang your head against the wall.

A Guide to Figuring Out Executives’ E-Mail Addresses [The Consumerist]


  • This is why in the company I work for the top tier executives do not have email addresses that follow our standard naming conventions…

    Admittedly we are not a company that provides public-focussed customer service. We did it to avoid the email version of cold calling and door-knockers – not our customers.

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