Use Baking Paper On Shelves To Make Dusting A Breeze

Dusting is never fun, but it's even worse when you have to climb up onto the counter to get to the top of tall shelves. This Old House suggests a simple solution is to layer the top of your shelves with baking paper.

As This Old House points out, baking paper is especially handy for the cabinets in your kitchen where dust and grease particles gather from cooking. Greasy kitchen dust tends to rise and stick to those shelves, so laying down the baking paper makes it easy for you to grab them and throw them away. Head over to This Old House for a few more creative uses for waxed paper.

10 Uses for Wax Paper [This Old House]


    If the point of the paper is to replace it when it is dirty, shouldn't any paper do? Ideally the cheapest.

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