Use A Grain Of Rice To Check If Your Oil Is Ready For Frying

When you're frying at home, how do you know when your oil is hot enough and ready to go? If you can't measure the temperature exactly, you can just use a grain of rice.

New Orleans chef Poppy Tooker, on food how-to site How2Heroes, demonstrates that you just have to drop a grain of rice into your oil to see if it's ready for frying. If the rice pops right back up and starts to cook, you're at the right temperature (which is 180C, by the way). Pretty simple!

For more ways to check if your oil is ready and see a video demonstration (we weren't able to embed, sorry!), check it out on How2Heroes.

3 Ways to Test Oil for Frying [How2Heroes]


    A pair of wooden or bamboo chopstick can serve the same purpose, just poke it into the oil until it touched the base of the pan and see if bubbles are formed around the chopstick, if it does, it is ready to go.

      Just make sure it isnt plastic

        a very small drop of water. best to flick a little from a slightly damp hand.
        If it skids over the top of the oil then it is hot.

    If I'm frying I'm likely to have breadcrumbs or batter closer at hand than rice

    Some things call for the pan to be even hotter, usually around the point the oil starts to smoke. Depending on what kind of oil you use, so I'm important to know its smoking point.

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