Turn Your Vacuum Into A Computer Cleaner With A Sauce Bottle Nozzle

Most vacuum cleaners come with attachments, but these are often too large to clean your keyboard or parts of your computer. You may be able to solve that problem with the nozzle from a sauce bottle.

Tumblr user mintfish points to this clever solution. Not every sauce bottle will suit (see the picture for a suitable example), and you'll potentially need to use tape to attach it, but with the right set-up you can use it to vacuum small areas such as the spaces between your keys. Of course, there are plenty of other options for keybord cleaning, too.

99 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier [WFEWGAS via Swissmiss]


    Nice one!

    Just be a bit careful with the heat build up due to lack of air flow with some cleaners. I have an older Dyson that needs a good airflow to cool the motor. Reduce the air flow too much and the temps do go up significantly.

    Warning warning! Don't be tempted to use a vacuum cleaner near your CPU fan or PSU fan. The high speed airflow can cause the fan blades to spin much faster than they're designed to, resulting in nasty things happening to the bearings.

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