Tunnelbear For Android Gets Around Location Restrictions

Tunnelbear For Android Gets Around Location Restrictions

Android: Tunnelbear is a well-regarded VPN service that gives you access to content from the US or the UK with one click. Now it’s available for Android, and it’s just as fast and easy.

If you’re not familiar with Tunnelbear, it’s essentially a VPN service with exit servers in the US and the UK. You can select which country your device “appears” to be in, which is helpful if you want access to location-restricted services like Google Play Music in the US or BBC programming in the UK. Free users get 500MB of data every month, and if you tweet that you’re using Tunnelbear, you receive you an extra 1GB. You can also chip in $US5/month or $US50/yrear for unlimited data, depending on how much you want to spend at once.

If you already have a free Tunnelbear account or you’re a current paid user, you can use the Android app to your heart’s content. If you try for free and decide to upgrade your account though, make sure you do it through the TunnelBear site so you get unlimited data on multiple devices (upgrading through the Android app only unlocks that device.) We’ve discussed some of the best VPN services for security, but if you’re looking for ease-of-use and specific location-restricted content, Tunnelbear is a solid, easy option.

TunnelBear (Free) [Google Play via TunnelBear]


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