Tunlr Is A Free, Unlimited Way To Watch Streaming Content From Outside Of Your Region

A lot of streaming content is region-locked (if you're in Australia, you can't watch US content such as Hulu, while our local streaming services such as iView are blocked overseas)). Tunlr is a free DNS service that's simple to set up on any device and allows you to watch content from anywhere.

To use Tunlr, all you need to do is change your DNS settings on your device, and you're good to go. Unlike many rival solutions, Tunlr is completely free, and only requires a couple of seconds to set up.

Not every service you can imagine is supported, and it's likely that some will block accesses via Tunlr over time. Also remember that if you change your DNS settings, unmetered content options from your ISP are likely to stop working correctly.



    This looks cool will have to give it a go when I get home.

    Oo .. Hullu .. yeah !

    Sigh... Sometimes, things should not be reported on... a-la-usenet

    No Netflix or BBC...I'll stick with paying unblock.us a small monthly fee. It doesn't mess with your DNS for daily stuff only reroutes for required services.

    Got excited! Made the DNS changes and then realized that Netflix is not supported. It is mentioned on their official blog. I don't know how the writer missed it. I guess I will just stick with my unotelly premium subscription. Agreed they charge you 4 bucks but never disappoint you.

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