TramTracker For Android Isn't Just A Clone Of The iOS App

TramTracker is one of the most used apps on my iPhone... and I imagine that's the case with most public transport-dependent Melburnians wielding iOS devices. Now Android users can make use of the handy program — released natively for the platform this week — with a few additions prompted by customer feedback.

Yarra Trams pushed out a press release on Thursday to announce the app's arrival and to highlight the fact it's not a straight port of its iPhone sibling:

"tramTRACKER Android is the result of extensive customer research, prototyping and field trials," said Prashanth Mullapudi, IT Business Analyst with Yarra Trams. "It’s an app built by passengers for passengers," he said.

"We collected feedback from our customers and comments in online forums about what people like and don’t like about the iPhone version. We did customer research and testing to bring a new design and added features to the Android version of tramTRACKER," he said.

The release then goes on to mention the features of the Android app, mixing in the new with the familiar:

  • Enhanced messages and alerts for disruptions or service updates
  • Next three trams for each route with the ability to hide or expand your chosen route
  • myTRAM — predicting the arrival time of each tram at your chosen stop
  • Favourites with customised routes and stop names (eg. work, home)
  • A choice of preferred stop view — map or list
  • Search feature for stops with shelters for when it is raining
  • Display of nearby train, tram and bus connections
  • Information about attractions and points of interest on the tram network

It's kind of nice to know "attractions and points of interest", but it's not something I can see myself using very often (if I had an Android device, of course).

You can grab the app from Google Play — at 1.8MB and a price of zero dollars, there's not much to lose giving it a go.

TramTracker [Google Play]


    There's a stray " in the link to the Play Store listing.

    It might not be a clone, but its iOS graphics and styling looks ugly! The Holo guidelines are there for a reason. Some Holo apps can look amazing. Melbourne Train Trapper has moved to Holo, not as much as some but it still looks great.

    No, its not just a clone. It doesn't work as well. Admittedly, I only have a single experience to report. This morning I checked for the tram on my HTC One X. Holy shit, it's more than an hour away! Then I tried my iPad, and found two trams the android app missed. I checked again; the missing trams just weren't android-worthy.

    This is one app that kept me from making the move to android. Kaching will be nice but netbank mobile will do till then.

    It still shocks me however that there is not a Good Multi-purpose for Trams, Buses and Trains alike. I would love to be able to have an android app for Buses for example as they are my main mode of transport... (Melbourne Based App)

      They should just provide the PT data set to Google. I mean when I first had my iPhone in Melbourne in 2008 it didn't have native PT support but you could at least see where the tram lines were snaking through the city (pretty handy for tourists). Then suddenly they got rid of it.

      Perth has had native Google Maps PT scheduling for a while now and Sydney has only just provided it this year. Tram Tracker has its uses, but where are you Melbourne?

    I really like this version! I was never a fan of the iPhone TramTracker app because they tried too hard to make its interface look like the tram stop info screens. For example, in some instances you had wait for screenfulls of information to slowly cycle through the full list of arriving trams instead of just being able to scroll down to see the rest of the list. With the Android version you can expand and collapse parts of the list (for routes with multiple trams on the way) which is really useful.

    I'll spend the next few days comparing this app to the fantastic Tram Hunter app to decide which one works better for me in daily use.

    Screw Tram Tracker on Andriod... They're a little late to the game.

    Support the developers who support us, and go Tram Hunter - faithfully telling me which trams to catch for well over 2 years.

    I have to agree with others, Tram Hunter is perfect and has been around for over two years. I'll continue to support them.

    I also agree the PT data should be openly shared, with Google and others. More sources of information will only benefit the public.

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