The Mountainview Workspace

The Mountainview Workspace

When you don’t have a view, make one. That’s what Debbie and Devin did with their home workspace, thanks to a giant graphic poster. White-ish walls can make a room boring, but sometimes all it takes is one point of interest to liven things up.

If your workspace is feeling a little dull, target one wall and focus there first. You may not need much to make a big impact.

A Desk with a View [Apartment Therapy]


  • Love this! Tech hacker barb lives above a pub with one very large window that has a city view. I’m cheap, don’t require much living space (I’m always at work or out socialising) and I want to be in an ultra-convenient and safe location, so as dodgy as it sounds, it’s the perfect solution for me. I think I need some African plains or Uluru or tropical beach to stare at, instead of a cream-colored wall. (And the blu-tack to put it up so that I don’t alienate the pub manager.)

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