The Monkey Couch Guardian Keeps Pets Off Furniture

Does your pet love to jump up onto furniture when you're not around? Make author Mark Frauenfelder shows off his Monkey Couch Guardian designed to keep cats and dogs off the bed while you're away.

The Monkey Couch Guardian is simple in its design, but it gets the job done. Using an Arduino, a cymbal-banging monkey toy and a proximity sensor, the build causes the monkey to start clanging when anything gets near enough to it. Subsequently, your pet should be scared off when it tries to make its way near furniture it shouldn't be on. You don't have to use a monkey — any loud toy will do the trick. Head over to Make for a full parts list and guide on how to make the Monkey Couch Guardian yourself.

Monkey Couch Guardian [Make]


    Animals should be kept outside, this works better.

      I disagree. It would be better if people like you were made to sleep outside instead. ;)

        he says sitting with his cats

    Errr.. my dogs would just "Crush, Kill, Destroy" this thing once they figured out it doesn't do anything but make noise.. :) Mind you, they know better than to get on the furniture in the first place!

      +1 for kill, crush & destroy....and then it would start eating the couch itself. if fluffy can't have it, no one can.

    Useful for 10 seconds, until the dog knocks it off of the couch.

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