The MacHeist 4 Bundle Offers 13 Mac Apps Valued At $539 For $29

The MacHeist 4 Bundle Offers 13 Mac Apps Valued At $539 For $29

Software bundles are a great way to pick up some handy new apps at a huge discount, and MacHeist’s latest offering is no exception. It offers up 13 heavily-discounted downloads and 25% of the profits go to a partnering charity of your choice.

The bundle contains a wide variety of Mac apps. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Courier – A novel file uploader that makes it easier to post your media to a variety of services.
  • Scrivener – A feature-rich writing studio that takes you from the planning and outlining phases to finishing your project.
  • Firetask – A stylish calendar and task management app.
  • DiskTools Pro – A complete disk issue diagnosis and repair tool. It’s retail price is more than twice the cost of the bundle.
  • Evernote Premium – While Evernote is free to use, removing adds, getting priority OCR, and other features cost $US60 per year. Buying this bundle gets you a free year of these services.

Many of the apps in the bundle would be a steal at $US29 all on their own, making this one of the better Mac bundles we’ve seen in quite a while. On top of a bunch of great options to better your productivity, the MacHeist 4 Bundle also offers a handful of games including BioShock 2, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Sam and Max, and more. Check out the MacHeist web site for more information and buying options.

The MacHeist 4 Bundle ($US29)


  • “Removing Adds”? Removing Adds what? Are you adding at a remove? What are these ‘Adds’ you speak of?
    Is ‘Adds’ a new acronym I’m not aware of along the lines of Attention Deficit Disorder Scribes, you know, the ones who can’t concentrate long enough to proof-read their text?

    Oh, I get it now, you mean ‘Removing Ads’ as in removing advertisements.

    Seriously ‘adds’ as a contraction for ‘advertisements’ annoys me nearly as much as ‘would of’.

    • Personally, eye would of said you’re reply regarding removing adds shows an absense of thought on this particalar occassion.

      Evernote is a great tool and even at the $5pm price is a bargain. for “free” it’s even better.

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