The iPad Video Editing Workstation

Tablets are so popular that we've supposedly entered a "post-PC era", signifying the death of the personal computer. While we don't think that's happening quite yet, many people are actually getting things done on tablets. Flickr user Matthew Pearce certainly is, and he's got a tiny little workspace to prove it.

Matt's iPad is set up with a microphone, headphones, a clever stand, the iPad camera kit and a keyboard. That setup allows him to create videos directly with the tablet computer. While we may not be ready to toss our laptops and desktops just yet, several creative people are using their iPads to make media. If you've been treating yours like a consumption device, maybe it's time to explore what else your tablet can do. Best case scenario? You can have a cool little workstation like Matt.

iPad Workstation [Matthew Pearce on Flickr]


    Every video editor I know wants larger screens and shorter rendering times. I imagine an equivalently priced PC would have way more power under the hood. This is cool, but I doubt anyone will replace their PC for it with these shortcomings. I would also question whether the software is as feature-rich as Premiere/Vegas/Final Cut/Media Composer.

    haha great idea. I know when I'm video editing I'm always looking for the smallest screen and most anaemic hardware.

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