The Immersive Media Workspace

The Immersive Media Workspace

Andrew Narit Howell’s multi-screen workspace is impressively designed to emphasise creative tasks, making it easy to access his most often-used tools. Speakers surround the desk on stands, headphones are readily available, and photography equipment and peripherals are easily accessible from all angles.

Andrew’s laptop sits on the right for reference and a desktop machine hides below the desk on the left. Andrew annotated every little item in his workspace, so hit up his Flickr page if you’re wondering what gear he’s using.

The Studio [Andrew Narit Howell on Flickr]


    • If your Laptop only has an SSD and no magnetic based storage (floppy, HDD, tape) Speakers will pose no problem. I have my laptop next to my Denon HiFi bookshelfs which are Not Magnetically Shielded. I have the 2012 Retina MacBook Pro so SSD only. All my external HDD are under the the table good distance away connected to a server not my laptop near the speakers. So yeah be careful with all Magnetic Storage besides HDD.

  • That setup is scarily identical to my Work setup. Only diference my version does not use Powered Monitors but a full Stereo Amp & Bookshelf setup, with my HiFi Amp under the table. I even have very similar NEC MultiSync IPS & older Wacom Tablet. My table is also very similar basic 4 legs big piece of MDF, mainly it’s taller than average office desk for comfort. But i personaly attached a shelf under the basic table for exrta storage and the HiFi Amp. In the end it’s all about comfort and simplicity, looks almost identical to that setup.

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