The Gerber Shard Is A Multipurpose DIY Tool That Fits On Your Keychain

The Gerber Shard hooks onto your keychain and provides several tools any DIYer needs on a regular basis. You get a two-sized flathead and one philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper, lanyard hole, and a pry bar in one tiny tool.

The Shard (pictured above) was designed for safety so you could carry it around without hurting yourself (or anyone else). It's even allowed on aeroplanes. If DIY projects and/or handywork is a common thing, and you always want to be prepared when you need commonly helpful tools, you can fit them all in your pocket with this clever little thing.

While there doesn't appear to be a local distributor in Australia, the tool is available on eBay for around $7-$15.



    I wouldn't count on it being allowed on a plane.

    Looks fairly clever but is it more handy than a Swiss Army Knife?

    Damn you LH, another $9 ripped from my wallet!

    I just bought one on eBay. Nearly got myself Bear Grylls knife too; the perils of shopping online!

    I've always loved the look of this thing, except I can't figure out why they didn't include a 1/4" hex hole. Does the bottle opener maybe accommodate one? There are many uses for those, including the ability to use security bits, or any other bits with the standard hex attachment.

    Anyway, it's certainly a pretty nifty little gadget.

    21 Oct - followed the link in the article. Current price is: $31.90

    It's nice, but it's not THAT nice...

    I recently bought a Swiss+tech Utili-key for a similar price (sub $10) and they are pretty small and handy to have. It doesn't have a pry bar, instead have a small blade.

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