The Bobine Charges Your Smartphone And Doubles As A Tripod

The Bobine isn't just a charging cable for your iPhone or Android, it also doubles as a tripod of sorts. Its stiff but flexible body can be bent into various shapes to easily prop up your smartphone wherever you need it.

It can become a cool dock when charging or connected to your computer, used to hook your smartphone onto a door handle, or just coil up nicely when you need to store it in your bag. Additionally, the Bobine ought to be more durable than your average option given its metal exterior. While a little on the pricier side for a cable, if you've got an iDevice with a standard dock connector or anything else that charges via microUSB and need a tripod, you can get both for a little more than the price of one.

The Bobine ($US30 + shipping) [via Swissmiss]


    If you basically use it in any other position except upwards, would it hurt the connector pins or anything?

      I dont know but if you hang it upside down and it falls out it might hurt your phone.

    Are they going to make one for iPhone 5? Please?

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