Telstra 4G Tablets: How The Specs Compare

Telstra 4G Tablets: How The Specs Compare

Telstra today launched a bargain-priced self-branded Android 4G-capable 10.1 inch tablet, adding a cheaper option to its existing offering of an 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy tab device. How do the two offers compare?

To make it easy to compare, here are the key specs in table form. Yes, the big pain is the lack of Jelly Bean on the priciet device:

  Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G Telstra Tab 4G
Price $720 outright $480 outright
Android 3.2 4.0
Screen 8.9″ 10.1″
Weight 470 grams 670 grams
Resolution 1280 by 800 1280 by 800
Processor 1GHz dual-core 1.5GHz dual core
Memory 16GB 16GB
Front camera 2MP 2MP
Rear camera 3MP 5MP

Note that we’re quoting the official Telstra price for the Samsung tablet; shopping around will undoubtedly score you a cheaper price, something that’s not so easy with the new Telstra offering.

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  • 25% increase in weight after accounting for the increased screen size. I’d want to be handling both in store to see how the Telstra branded one ‘felt’. Given the price difference I’d wager the Samsung should be built better. But having said that the Samsung is getting ‘old’ now at 6 months (give or take, I remember looking at them around Feb but don’t remember when they actually came out).

      • In terms of price comparisons – the Telstra price of $720 is the same as at launch.

        Normal price depreciation of disposable tech like this (only from my anecdotal research) has been about 5% per month. So normally after 12 months it’s about 50-60% of it’s release price, and after 24 months about 30%.

        I’m not saying the tablet itself purchased 6 months ago is somehow ‘old’ and unusable. I’ve got the 7.7tab about the same age and it’s far from being replaced.

  • As to what i have heard it is ZTE. You cant really be thinking Telstra would bring out a decent tablet. For one thing it comes out with ICS which is already way out of date and just imagine the bloatware Telstra would have on it. I say PASS and Ill wait for a nexus 10 or something. I spose $480.00 could just pass as a budget Tablet but IMO I think that is a little pricey even if it is a 10 inch tablet.

    • The majority of electronics are all made in China including Samsung, Apple, Motorola etc..
      The court is still out whether Jellybean offers anything that we would notice. I’ll hold my opinions on any device until I have used it.

      I have played with Telstra’s previous attempt at a tablet which was terrible.
      The reviews online for this tablet appear to be different to your offered opinions. Have any of you actually used it?

  • Telstra tablet is absolute Crap. Crashes constantly. It had been reportedly repaired and we were told it couldn’t handle more than a few games as it kept lagging. Waste of money. Bought the ipod retina which is brilliant

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