Store Potatoes With An Apple To Keep Them From Sprouting

Store Potatoes With An Apple To Keep Them From Sprouting

Do you hate those ugly sprouts that form on your potatoes after just a couple of weeks? It turns out an apple a day might keep those tendrils away and also help the potatoes last longer.

Designer Jihyun Ryou says that the ethlylene gas produced by apples prevents potatoes from sprouting. Since apples also cause other fruits and vegetables to ripen too quickly, storing the apples away from them is good for your other produce, as well as helping the potatoes.

The apples and potatoes storage tip has also been proven by America’s Test Kitchen. In their experiment, potatoes stored with an apple stayed firm and sprout-free even after eight weeks, compared to potatoes stored without an apple; they turned out “largely soft, shrivelled, and sad looking”. So add an apple and save your potatoes.

Save Food From The Fridge [MoCo Loco via The Homestead Survival]


  • Even better, a banana and potatoes. The banana produces even more ethlylene gas than an apple, plus, you can make jokes about your ‘banana and potatoes’ eg, “Check how firm my banana is, it’s on top of my potatoes.” It’s nice to know our potatoes won’t be ‘largely soft, shrivelled [sic], and sad looking.’ Thanks lh!

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