StifleStand Hides The Newstand On iOS, No Tricks Required

StifleStand Hides The Newstand On iOS, No Tricks Required

Mac/iOS: Newstand is one of the more annoying app icons on iOS if you don’t use it, because you can’t just hide it away in a folder. Initially, the only way to hide it was with some finger kung-fu, but StifleStand does it in one click.

All you have to do is run StifleStand, connect your iPhone or iPad, and click “Hide Newstand” when your device is recognised. StifleStand then creates a folder for the Newstand. You don’t need to jailbreak or worry about getting the timing right to hide the icon. If you are jailbroken and want a solution to completely get rid of the Newstand icon, search for NoNewsIsGoodNews in Cydia.

StifleStand [Flippo Bigarella via iDownloadBlog]


  • Another incentive for me to get a mac os VM running on my windows box, or jail break, if they ever release a non-thethered jailbrake for iOS6 iPhone 4.

    I was under the impression that Apple stopped the fast move folder trick a while ago, i did it when it first made the rounds, the next update took it out and fixed the timing bug.

    • Funny how that’s Apple’s response, rather than adding the ability to hide it as that is clearly what people want to do.

      Didn’t Apple have an update a while ago that allowed you to hide Stocks and a few other apps? Whatever happened to that and why can’t Newsstand be added to the hidable apps?

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