staticICE Android And iOS Apps Ensure You Won't Overpay For Electronics

staticICE has long been Lifehacker's web site of choice for hunting down the best Australian deals for computers, components and anything else with a processor in it. The site already has a mobile-friendly version, and now it offers Android and iOS apps to streamline the searching process.

Both apps have a similar feature set, including search history and the ability to save favourite searches (so you can repeat them until you find a price you want). Definitely worth installing if you're a regular shopper.

staticICE: iTunes App Store, Google Play


    Good to see, I use the mobile staticice site all the time when browsing the big stores, makes bargaining all the more easier!

    Yes this is good, but it doesn't show the full story, some companies such as GreenBoxit charge a $6 handling fee is your picking it up and it costs 25.84 for shipping! and its not even express... so even tho the retail pricing is cheap, they are actually more expensive, I've also found that other stores wont make them because of this....

    If you search the part number, you should be in the clear. I guess it makes it easier to at least get a price reduction at Officeworks!!

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