Start A Fire With Water And Plastic Wrap

Starting a fire is an essential survival skill. If you have access to water and some plastic wrap (or a clear plastic bag), with a little patience you can create a spark.

This works in the same way as using a magnifying glass (or a clear jar) to start a fire by focusing a beam of light onto some burnable object. As the video above shows, it's a bit tricky to get the light focused through the bubble of water, but it does work.

Can you start a fire with water? - with video [The Outdoor Adventure via Treehugger]


    I think making the dark paper burn is easier than spreading it to make a considerable fire. Good job.

    just like the fire from ice thing from the edge

    Definitely possible but not if the water drips on it, ha.

    If you call that a fire, charmander would be dead.

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