Site44 Creates Websites From Dropbox Folders

Site44 Creates Websites From Dropbox Folders

The video above does a great job of walking you through how Site44 works, but the process is simple. Connect the app to your Dropbox account, pick a domain for your site (or use a custom domain you already own), and the service will drop a folder in your Dropbox folder that represents that site. From there, you can edit and manage the site on your own computer, including uploading images, creating a directory structure, adding CSS for your page to use and more.

Site44 pages are designed for static content though, so it’s ideal for building a nameplate site for others to see, an online resume like the one we just showed you how to make, or a personal start page with your favourite links and webapps on it, not necessarily a blog or interactive site. You can read more about Site44’s basic features and advanced features here.

Free users can create up to five, low-traffic pages, but you can always step up to a $US5 per month plan for 10 pages and 10GB per month of data transfer, or $US10 per month for 50 pages and 50GB per month of data transfer. Using the service is no replacement for a full web host, but if you don’t need all of those features and use Dropbox anyway, this is a solid alternative, especially for free users.

site44 [via One Thing Well]

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