Save Your Resume Under A File Name That’s Relevant To The Position

Save Your Resume Under A File Name That’s Relevant To The Position

Getting your resume through the robots is tough enough as it is. While getting the right keywords in is important, an article by the Wall Street Journal also suggests you don’t forget to make the file name of your resume fit the job as well.

Chances are your resume’s file name is your name, or maybe just “resume”. Instead of sending that off to potential employers, change the file name so it’s relevant to the position. For example, if you’re applying for a project manager position, make the file name “projectmanager”. This should help your resume get through the filters and into the hands of a real person. Head over to the Wall Street Journal for a few more tips for getting your resume in order for the digital age.

Tips for Writing a Resume in an Online World [Wall Street Journal]


  • I would have thought this was a no-brainer. Who in their right mind would send a file attachment with the name “resume” to a person whom they knew was going to be receiving a whole bunch of resumes???

    Well, actually, I know from sad experience, quite a lot of people would do that, and it’s one of the things that absolutely affects my first impression of an applicant: Can they put themselves in another person’s shoes (namely the hiring manager) and think about what it would be like to get a whole bunch of files called “resume”? Do they have the common sense and foresight to give their attachments logical filenames that include their name, position and company name/initials?

    It probably goes without saying that the person who goes to the trouble of giving their resume file a name specific to the job is also likely to have actually tailored the contents as well. Another plus.

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