Save Time And Build Relationships By Making The Most Of Work Parties

While we thank friends who help us move houses, not many people extend the concept to other times when extra hands can help get the job done more quickly. Often, those situations can also help us bond with friends and family.

Photo by US Navy

Trent at The Simple Dollar says that he made a lot of friends in his first week at university by asking others if they needed help moving. The hours of work he put in were rewarded with several new friends who later invited him out for meals and social events.

Work parties are nothing new — the Amish and other cultures have had barn raisings for centuries, and most of us are familiar with the phrase "many hands make light work". The next time you have a large project, consider adding in a BBQ and making it an event on Facebook.

Organize "Work Parties" Where People Gather to Help with a Task [The Simple Dollar]


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