Replace Annoying Words And Acronyms In Chrome With In My Words

Do acronyms such as YOLO, LOL, and OMG drive you crazy? Perhaps you'd rather not see a particular slur in your internet browsing? If you're a Chrome user the extension In My Words has you covered; it will replace any word or acronym you hate with your preferred word when using Chrome.

Of course there are probably a lot of interesting alternative uses for this extension, especially during this political campaign season. I think I'll go replace all the candidate last names with names of the dwarves in The Hobbit.

In My Words [Chrome Web Store via MakeUseOf]


    Up next: 'How to keep annoying kids off your lawn. '
    I'm not sure how useful this would be. Sites are normally tailored for a particular demographic, so if you can't understand (and don't want to learn) their vernacular then maybe you shouldn't be spending all day on a Pokemon discussion forum...
    Though this extension probably will do the keyboard / leopard substitution...

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