Remember What You're Giving Up When You Upgrade Gadgets

Every time a new gadget is released, it's inevitable that you'll feel like upgrading yours. Sometimes it's worth it, it can be a waste of money. The New York Times takes a look at this trend and suggests you consider what you're giving up when you spend money on an upgrade.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Maurice.

We've talked about the upgrade treadmill of tech before, and the New York Times makes a few compelling arguments against the upgrade habit. Breaking down the cost-to-use ratio for new tablets, laptops and smartphones, the article discusses when it's worth upgrading, and when it's not. We especially like the closing sentiment:

No one has ever regretted waiting as long as they can to upgrade their technology. We're a nation of shoppers, tempted to buy the best at every turn. But I've found that the best way to avoid a premature upgrade is to remember what you might be giving up: a trip to a tropical getaway, a new suit or perhaps a down payment on a new bed that will help you sleep better. That kind of context makes it easier to pause and realise the grandest truth with upgrades: If it isn't broken, stolen or lost, maybe you don't need a new one just yet.

It's a good reminder to keep your priorities straight. Sure, a new smartphone might seem like a good idea, but are you sacrificing a better experience — like a holiday, bed or new office chair — to get it?

Knowing When It Pays to Upgrade Your Gadgets [New York Times]


    This is definitely the case if you're purchasing outright just for the sake of having something more flash. But for me, and I imagine quite a lot of upgraders, it's simply a case of going on a new contract. My 3GS isn't broken, but now that my contract is up I can continue paying the same price every month and keep the old phone, or I can go on a new contract at a similar price (maybe a little more) and get a new phone out of it by paying the small difference.

    I can't get over how fat that iPhone looks. Back then it was (one of, at least) the thinnest phone(s) around. How time changes.

    Also, amazing how optical illusions work. Rounded corners, sharp corners, bevels etc.

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