Relieve Minor Burns With A Potato

Accidentally burn yourself while cooking? If you have a potato handy, how-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa points out that they're great for minor burn relief.

How? You dice up a small part of the potato and combine it with tap water to make a paste, then spread that paste over the burn. Leave it there for a few minutes for a soothing effect. Useful if it's just a minor burn. If you have a bad burn, however, go see a doctor!

12 Weirdly Practicaly Uses for Potatoes [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    Current first aid says run cold water over a burn for at least 20 minutes, or until skin return to normal temperature, then cover with non-adherent or burns dressing, or cling wrap, or aluminium foil, or a clean, wet dressing. Ref. St John Ambulance Australia.

    throw the potato at the yappy dog nextdoor. feel better. apply fist aid to your arm

    Am I the only one who read the title as "BUMS?" I've relieved "bums" with pizza before, but I suppose potato would work. They weren't minors though. They would probably prefer them cooked too...

      Yes. A village somewhere is missing some sort of savant...

      I'll kick in a few dollars towards your new spectacles. I nearly said glasses - but it is harder to drink out of spectacles.

        Judging by your username, you've found that village. :D

        I've already got spectacles, which I admit I ought to use more often, but I'd settle for a pint at Wig and Pen if you'd go with glasses. They even serve potato!

        I'm sick. Humour me...

          Just keep taking the medication. It's working thus far!

    I think that I will stick to accepted medical advice of running it under cold water to avoid issues further on rather than going for the immediate soothing relief.

    Or I could just use Aloe Vera and have the pain from minor burns disappear all together within 10 minutes or application, and any red marks will disappear as well.

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