Recycle Used Batteries At ALDI

Recycle Used Batteries At ALDI
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Most council recycling programs in Australia don’t cover batteries in their regular collection, so this is a welcome development: ALDI is introducing battery recycling bins to all of its stores.

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The bins will accept used AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries, which covers the vast majority of household uses. For button or car batteries, you’ll need to look elsewhere for options (Planet Ark has a useful search option on its site). Switching to rechargeable batteries will cut down on landfill as well as saving you money, but if you have used ordinary batteries, this makes it easier to dispose of them safely.



  • I have seen something simular in Mirrabboka shopping centre where you can dispose of the stuff that cant be put in the recycling bin like flurotubes. We really are not a society that is encouraged to recycle (we are, but nothing has been set up for the hard to get rid of products like CFC bulbs or lithium batteries anyone!). This is a good move by Aldi to make it more convienant to do the right thing where everyone can go and get a lot of the basics done. Just wish we had one in Perth, I would certainly go there.

  • Our local tip has a recycling program for automotive sized batteries. I would like to think others do as well. So there’s always that option. Also if you happen to live near a scrap metal recycler they will buy them from you as well.

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