Real Widget Brings Windows' Tiled Interface To Your Android Device

Android 4.0+: Like the look of Windows Phone's tiled interface but want Android's openness and wide variety of apps? Real Widget puts Windows' tiled interface on your Android home screen so you get the best of both worlds.

Unlike previously mentioned Launcher 7, which turns your entire home screen into a Windows Phone, Real Widget integrates the tiles with your existing home screen. Download it, add it as a widget, and then customise which tiles show up. You can give them custom names, custom icons, custom colours, and even background images. Many items also have special informative tiles, like Gmail, battery, weather and more — but those are only available in the $1 pro version. Hit the link to give it a shot.

Real Widget is a free download for Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and above. The $1 pro version unlocks the smart tiles.

Real Widget [Google Play via AddictiveTips]


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