Properly Flip Food In A Frying Pan With A Back-and-Forth Motion

Flipping food in a pan can seem like a task only magicians can pull off, but video blog Food Wishes shows us that it's actually very simple. Here's what you need to do.

While most people use an up and down motion to try to flip their food, the key is actually using a back and forth motion, in which you slide the pan forward then quickly jerk it back. With the right timing, you should be able to flip any food without the need for other tools, making your cooking job a lot easier. Check out the video above for a simple demonstration.

How to Flip Food in a Pan Like a Chef! [YouTube via Boing Boing]


    This is good, but would it work with an omelette?

      Yes, you'll need to lift up the pan off the heat first and drop it as the omelette is in the air giving it time to flip completely and then catch it

    You can also practice with rice, obviously you don't have the heat on. Just practice the motion

    Chinese chefs have this option built it, it is amazing how quick they work with a wok.

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